Great to meet you, welcome to the family that is MTB - you’re going to love it!

Step 1 - Connect to your local store.

Step 2 - Jump on a local social ride and meet new faces + explore some really cool trails.

Step 3 - Connect with your local MTB Club - perhaps a race is on the bucket list? Ask how to, and where through your local club rep / ambassador.

Step 4 - Refine those skills and develop your riding - Contact us!


All here at RideAus highly recommend every rider join MTBA. Whether it’s a social, race, family membership there is an option available for you that covers you in almost all areas you will ride your MTB. Insuring you have personal indemnity insurance is a great piece of mind to have. Occasionally we fall off our bikes and break bones or damage ourselves rendering us unable to work for a while. Having insurance that assists you in these times is a no brainer right? Head on over to

Ambulance cover - Don’t leave home without out it. Mountainbiking takes us well off the main roads and deep into some epic terrain. When things go pear shaped it’s great to know help isn’t far away and it’s not going to place financial strain on you or your family. Ambulance cover is a must have as a mountain biker for a little as $60 p/annum. *If you have private health insurance this should be covered for you, check with your provider.


rideaus clinic venues

RideAus currently operates skills clinics at the following venues:

1 -

2 -

3 -

Please browse through our ‘Whats On’ calendar or email us your request.

We offer group or 1 on 1 based clinics.

Groups of 3 -8 riders can be allocated.

Beginner to Advanced clinics are on offer and can be tailored to your specific needs and location (Above venues only).

XC, All mountain / Enduro, DH, Jump specific, Free-ride Specific - Junior and Adult programs available.

My Bike?

Greenvalleys MTB Park - Whilst you can potentially ride a hard tail down most of the trails on offer, it isn’t recommended nor is it fun.

We highly recommend 130mm travel bike as a minimum for the flow trails and anything above that is well suited to almost all the trails. Yes, a full blown Enduro bike or DH bike is best suited to the Black Diamond and jump lines but don’t let those factors deter you from the other great trails on offer here.

Helensburgh off road cycling club - Rigid, XC, Short travel dual suspension or your good old Enduro weapon all are welcome here and a bucket load of fun. Even the trusty old BMX can find a few jumps and close by skate park here. Load the family up as there’s something for everyone in this quaint little town. Kid friendly for all ages and abilities.

Sutherland Shire cycling club - Rigid, XC, Short travel dual suspension or mid travel Enduro can all be a blast here. Great central location only minutes to railway station and hwy access, this small urban playground packs a punch. Suitable for all the family and almost all bike types can have some fun here. Bring the family and you can even dust off the roady on the purpose built road circuit.

Frequency of clinics

Greenvalleys clinics operate monthly on several weekends a month pending the club activity at this venue. Check our “Whats On” calendar for upcoming clinics. 1 on 1 and private group bookings are also available here upon request.

Helensburgh and Sutherland - Clinics operate through school holidays and on demand for these locations. From youth development to race prep and 1 on 1 specific clinic sessions we can tailor something to suit your needs on a date that suits you.